Cloud File Sharing Singapore

Because all these new devices have communications built into them. They can all talk to the cloud whenever they want.
Steve Jobs

Main Benefits
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Work anywhere you like

Cloud file sync & share provide seamless access to all your important data from wherever you are


Get Your Files Anywhere

Today’s workers are more mobile than ever. With file sync and share, you have the latest information instantly, no matter how the file was updated. Even without internet, you can view, share and edit any kind of file, wherever you are.


Users and Security Settings

While accessing data on the move is important for business, security is still the main concern. With proper configuration, you can control over who has access and what they can do. Now you can share and collaborate on large files without the barrier of inconvenient FTP and other unreliable, insecure file sharing solutions.


Team Sharing

Collaboration is the key to getting things done. You can add, edit or move – everyone on the team can collaborate easily and is always looking at the latest version. When the needs of your project changes, you can easily add or remove people.


Selective File Sync

Save hard drive space by syncing only the folders and files you’re currently working on. Every team members in your company is kept in sync while your IT personnel has the admin tools and robust security they need to manage it all, easily.

Case Study

Successful roll out of file sync & share to a leading merchant exporter. The deployment delivered an enterprise file sync and share solution to their team of 15 staff, which enables their mobile staff to work even without Internet connection. Connectbit was responsible for all aspects of the project, including planning, file sync & share setup, data migration, deployment and end user training.