Computer Maintenance Singapore

The average worker loses 38 hours every year through slow internet connectivity and downtime
British study

Main Benefits of Computer Maintenance

Are you looking after your computers ?

Regular computer maintenance keeps your PC & laptop run smoothly


Lower Cost

Enjoy the dependability of an outsourced IT support without the cost of paying for a full time IT staff.


Fixed Expenses

Investing in ongoing IT maintenance for your company brings the costs down.


Remote Support

You can ensure any IT issues with your computer is fixed quickly while you focus on your main work.


Optimal Use

Periodic PC maintenance will detect potential IT issues early and eliminate them.

We provide comprehensive desktop management plans in Singapore. The plans range from basic to advance level support for all the computers in your workplace which includes maintaining software updates and patches, license expiration, disk space, network connectivity and anti-virus scans. When problems are detected, we take corrective actions to prevent costly downtime. However, if there are no corrective actions taken, you may encounter the following:

  • Slow systems and frequent repeated errors
  • Failed updates or updates that don’t work
  • Incompatibility between programs
  • Long periods between reboots.
  • Unable to access information quickly due to desktop breakdown
  • Take on extra work by performing IT troubleshooting yourself
  • All data lost due to new threats
  • IT teams are constantly ‘fire fighting’ with no time for important computer maintenance work

We have the expertise and have a team of highly trained professionals who remain at your service. Our goal is that each and every computer in your work place is in the best condition operating securely and properly.

At Connectbit, technical support is offered in various ways. The preliminary support will be provided through remote control support first, as most desktop issues can be resolved quickly via remote means. If the problem is more teething, we dispatch an engineer onsite to assist you.

What We Do for Computer Maintenance

We will be like your very own tech team and your satisfaction is our main goal. Below is a quick summary of what we can do for computer maintenance. Contact us now to discuss your desktop support requirements in detail.

  • 9x5 IT Support Services
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Fast resolution via remote support
  • Ensure all PCs / Laptops operate normally
  • Ensure Windows automatic updates are working
  • Monitor computers for any intrusions.
  • Data backup service
  • Keep a record of the IT assets

Case Study

Provides desktop support services for an expanding recruitment firm in Singapore. The desktop are managed and we have a clear overview of all desktop health & problems such as failed Windows updates, lack of disk space, virus infection, etc. Our engineers resolve most small potential issues at the back end before these issues become big. As a result, there is no major downtime for any of the users. In addition, we kept the documentation updated and neat.

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