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Get peace of mind when you have data backup done.

You can do your work knowing your data is safe.

Also, you get to find out the benefits and why you need data backup even for your cloud data.

Main Benefits of Data Backup

Don’t get caught without backup

Backup ensures your vital business data is never lost when disaster strikes.


Safe Keeper

Backup & restore solutions are reliable and useful tools to keep your data secured – all your data will be encrypted and safeguarded. Business operations can still function properly in the event of failures.


Competitive Advantage

If you want to be ahead of the competition, use IT services like backup and recovery. Ensure that your company is back on its feet faster with dramatically decreased recovery times!


Ease of Use

What’s better than not having to worry about sudden loss of your data? Backup & restore solutions allow use of devices at ease, as your data will be secured and can be recovered even when threatened by IT bugs.


Data Retention

The use of backup & recovery solutions allow for the retention of data if device crashes. This process keeps all data intact from the last update thus, it is important to do backup & recovery on a regular basis.

Information is eternal, computers are ephemeral, backup is the savior.

William R. Stanek

Why Do You Need to Backup Your Data?

Do you really need data backup & restore solutions?

Even with rapid advancements in technologies, IT failures still do occur from time to time. The fact that we are all tending towards reliance on technologies, protection of data is crucial.

To ensure the safety of your stored data, the only way is by regular backup & recovery solutions – where various strategies are involved to protect your database against data loss.

As the saying goes, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Start using backup & recovery solutions today!

Case Study

Provides backup & recovery solutions for one of the most popular retail shops in Singapore. Our data backup solutions meets the needs save their many ever-creative designs of unique gifts and apparels. Restoration of data on their spare machines took as short as only 15 minutes to recover all data loss.

What Our Customers Say

Providing IT Maintenance for companies since 2009

Service is professional

It great! Majority of successful engineer members have the technical background. They really did a good job !! Improve business performance, provide excellent services and the reasonable price!

May Lim Manager

Very helpful and patient

The engineer was very helpful and patient with us. Especially so, because we do not have an in-house IT team. First time installing a firewall - so can't really compare. However, the pre-sales process was smooth. Chee Foo was very helpful and patient with all the changes pertaining to our needs.

Linda Siow Executive

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