IT Maintenance Services Singapore

Unplanned downtime can result in idle employees, halting the production line, missed deadlines
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Main Benefits of IT Maintenance Services

Are you looking after your computers ?

Regular IT maintenance plan keeps your IT systems run smoothly


Updated Documentations

With proper and updated documentation, this helps to resolve IT issues fast and identify when software or equipment should be upgraded or replaced.


Fixed Expenses

Investing in ongoing IT maintenance contract for your company brings the costs down.


Tighten Security

Making sure your firewall and security software are doing their jobs properly as external security threats can damage your business.


Longer Lifespan

When computer and server are being checked and maintained properly, it will be kept in its best shape, and hence better lifetime.

PC Maintenance

Computers are complex devices because they are made of several components. Desktop users can often experience problems with their machines including but not limited to sluggish performance, application corruptions and frequent software hang, missing patches for installed software, security risks from online websites, etc. Hence, PC maintenance services is not optional, but a MUST.

Not to mention computers at your organization need to be upgraded with time. We can take care of all the upgrades and compatibility issues that are part of the upgrading process. With our pc maintenance checklist, you can rest assured your computers are performing at their optimum speed and not serving as open doors for viruses and hacking attacks.

Network Maintenance Services

While your network connects your internal computers and systems with each other, it is also the component of your IT infrastructure that needs maximum protection from security threats. With our network maintenance services, we can make sure your network is always safeguarded against internal and external threats. Moreover, we continue to upgrade your network so security and performance compromises are out of question.

Windows Server Maintenance

Microsoft is always updating its servers with new patches, constantly improving the security and performance of their software. These upgrades call for improved and new ways of protecting your server against physical and software damages.

Your organization might be relying on a cloud Windows server residing in a data center far away, but frequent Windows server maintenance procedures are still required. In that case, your server needs to be 99.9% uptime at any given moment. We make sure all your database software tools, customer relationship management platforms and rest of the server roles are always performing at their peak with our monthly server maintenance checklist.

Computer Hardware Maintenance

Computer hardware maintenance can be more difficult occasionally than software. At Connectbit, we ensure every system at your organization meets certain standards for full compatibility and peak performance. For more difficult jobs, our technicians can come right to you so everything can be fixed quickly and effectively.

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First, we make sure we always keep our customers updated when working on issues. This makes them a part of the process and they don’t have to do the guesswork.

Our technicians are trained to explain things to you in the most understandable and simple words. We keep jargons to our internal meetings and make things comprehensible for our customers.

While we are always there for you, we like to keep our technical visits to a minimum. This is because we are doing our IT support and maintenance services diligently behind the scenes, and keeping any technical issues from arising in the first place. If your technicians pay you a lot of visits, this might be because they are not doing their well.

Call us right now and get rid of your IT side of the worries so you can focus more on growing your business beyond borders.

Case Study

Provides IT maintenance services for a design firm in Singapore. Before we took over the IT portion, IT assets and information were messy. Computers and email server were breaking down. The customer was doing fire-fighting almost every day. Our engineers tackled one problem at a time. Within 3 months of IT maintenance, there was no breakdown of machines and email server was healthy. In addition, we kept the documentation updated and neat.

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