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Are you looking for IT outsourcing in Singapore? 

Well, a good IT outsourcing company frees up your time while handling the routine IT tasks at ease.

Or, the vendor acts as the additional pair of hands for your full-time IT staff.

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IT Outsourcing Singapore

Main Benefits of

IT Outsourcing

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

IT outsourcing services makes even more sense now in this globalization and disruptive era.


Guaranteed Service

Our trained engineers handle promptly and resolve any new IT issues that you face.


Reduce Your Risk

You don’t have to figure out on how to resolve IT problems.


Reduce Labor Cost

Hire a capable full-time IT engineer is expensive. With IT outsourcing services, you have access to experts with lower cost.


Trained IT Professional

Our guys spent many hours to become good at solving IT problems.


Stay Focus

You focus on building your core business while you leave the IT issues to the IT support team.


Fast Setup

You are fed with the latest technology as our guys upgrade their skills continuously.


Control IT Costs

You only pay for what you use and when you need it. This control allows you to budget effectively.


Consistent Manpower

You don’t have to worry if your IT engineer is on medical leave or holiday.

Reduce Operating Cost

IT Outsourcing Services

Technology plays a vital role to keep your business running. As your company grows, your IT requirements have become more costly, complex and demanding. However, many small and medium-sized companies cannot justify the cost of employing a full-time highly qualified person to support the IT operations. Or to do a one-time IT project like server setup or office IT relocation.

Connectbit’s one stop IT outsourcing services and solutions make your business more agile and innovative by reducing operating costs and risks while improving efficiencies.

Complete IT Team

Handles IT Operations

Our IT maintenance team takes care of your day-to-day IT operations and delivery. With our strong focus on IT governance, quality and processes, you can prioritize on your core business.

When you outsource your IT to us, our managed IT services would typically provide a helpdesk for remote assistance, onsite installation of application software, remote hardware server administration, backup and repair services, firewall management, network LAN and many more IT services & solutions.

If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors do not, you’re putting yourself out of business

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Providing IT outsourcing in Singapore since 2009

One of the better IT vendors

Connectbit is one of the better IT vendors that we have met.

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Types of IT Outsourcing

Complete IT

You outsource the whole IT support services to us. This complete outsourcing often includes security, internet, email, technical support and your infrastructure (network, server systems, storage).

Partial IT

It’s up to you. You choose what to outsource to us. Both of us have to agree on the tasks first. Whether it is disaster recovery or just the computers support, we are fine with that.


It’s true your cloud providers give support to your paid subscription. In most cases, they won’t maintain your data and applications. We act as your single point of contact and manage your cloud applications.
(storage, email, server)

How IT Outsourcing Works?

Before we commence on the IT outsourcing service, our presales would need to conduct a short site survey at your office. We need to know your requirements and the IT equipment to be supported.

After the visit, our presales will send you the quote and service agreement. Once you’re happy with the arrangement and provide us with the payment, we are ready to kick start this services.

Here’s what we do.






Something not working? You report an issue.



Our helpdesk assists you remotely first (phone and remote tool).


Onsite Engineer

If we cannot resolve remotely, an onsite engineer will come to your office.

Case Study

Our client, the IT manager of a multi-million dollar corporation in Singapore, was looking to remove additional cost from the IT organization by sub-contracting. 

We shifted the emphasis from merely cost reduction to driving business value throughout the organization.

As a result, IT manager stays clear on strategic IT initiatives that unleashed productivity, maximized investments, and created new business value.

Why Choose Us?

Honestly, we are not perfect. Technology changes very quickly, our engineers wouldn’t know everything. Give us some time to figure out when teething issues arise. Moreover, we will follow through to resolve the problem.

If you are looking for a bunch of friendly engineers in Singapore that are passionate about their work, we might hit off pretty well. Contact us today. 

Some other strengths include:

Business Focus

We work closely with you to deliver IT services and solutions that align with your business objectives.

Best Practice

We apply proven IT solutions and process to ensure that our work is carried out consistently for you.


We don’t just get to complete the task swiftly; we communicate to you what’s been done too.


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