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Average business suffers around 14 hours of downtime each year, during which time employees are only able to work at 63% of their usual performance
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Our guys spend many years in technology education to become really good.

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Proactive Support

Unlike traditional break-fix IT support, with the help of our real time monitoring 24×7 services, we are able to detect and resolve a potential IT problem before it becomes a big problem. This saves your business both time and money.



You will receive a monthly report which indicate your equipment health and the resolutions made for every IT issues. In this way, you are aware of our hard work done behind the scene, while you stay focus on your core business.


Flat Fee with Unlimited Values

Traditional break-fix IT support charges based on the time spent by engineer, which includes waiting time. With our managed IT support, you no longer have to worry for high cost bill after the repair, as we provide unlimited values for a flat monthly fee.


Fast Response

Should a problem be discovered during monitoring, Connectbit will rectify the condition through remote means first. In the event remote access support fails to resolve, engineers will be dispatched quickly to your office.


Single Point of Contact

We will liaise with other IT related vendors that works with your company and you no longer have to manage them. These vendors could be website hosting, cloud email, internet provider and others. We understand the technical jargon and it’s easier for us to talk to them.


Support Guarantee

Your complete satisfaction is supported by a straight forward service level guarantee. If you don’t get the service you paid for, you can terminate the contract. It’s as simple as that.

Case Study

Provides IT support services to an international airline of more than 80 staff at various locations. Our IT support not only meet the service level agreement for the past 5 years and has near 100% customer satisfaction. Besides the technical know how, our sales and engineers also handle cultural differences with clear communication.

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