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Looking for an IT solutions company in Singapore?

And you’re probably wondering, “Do we need new IT solutions?”

If you can say “YES” to any of these questions below, it’s time for you to take a REAL hard look at your business again.

Do you…

  • have a HARD time trying to access office documents from outside?
  • backup your important data manually and ‘HOPE’ the backup works?
  • use FREE anti-virus and think that your PC is protected?
  • frustrate EVERY time you cannot access your intranet when you are overseas?
  • wait for your OLD server to load?
  • envy how BEAUTIFUL your competitor website looks like?
  • have a IDLE website that does not bring in much leads?

With our proven IT solutions, you will meet your business goal faster. Whether it is to go digital, better security or higher cost saving.

Also, you get to see examples of IT solutions, and how the whole process works for you.

IT Solutions Company Singapore

Types of Business IT Solutions

Your business has grown. As a result, you need new IT solutions to keep up with the growth. Those standalone products that you bought off the shelf – works well for a while.

However, what works in the past, may not work well for your team now. One more important reason. The same work you used to do in the past, you can now do faster with the help of technology.

Technology now serves as the backbone of all businesses. Hence, you can reach out to customers faster and globally. Most importantly, thanks to a faster Internet and wide-scale use of mobile devices. So, if your company believe and adopt technology quickly, you’re WAY ahead of your competitors. When you engage us, you’ll get your business objective defined and the right IT solution to drive it.

Cloud Solutions

Backup Solutions

Data Security Solutions

Network Solutions

Server Solutions

Website Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Let’s look at how cloud solutions help to store your data.

For example, you want to open your file for your presentation. And you realize you left the thumbdrive back at home. But you’ve also save a copy at the cloud. Now, you can immediately retrieve the file and get going. 

One of the best ways to enhance your business is to improve every staff’s productivity. You can upgrade your legacy software to cloud based. In this way, you give employees the best possible tools to  improve overall output. And with better productivity, it gives you more products or services that you can sell. 

Types of Cloud Solutions

Now you save the huge upfront cost and yet able to enjoy stable & reliable IT cloud solutions.
IT Outsourcing

Cloud Storage

Get a huge storage to store your backup and files that are big in size. 

Computer Maintenance

File Sync and Share

Works like Dropbox and access your shared files even without internet
IT Support

Access Applications Remotely

Use your office shared software anywhere, anytime.
IT Support

Office Productivity Tools

Makes email, collaboration & communication easier and faster.
backup solutions

Backup Solutions

Our service offers a back-up solution that will automatically save a copy of your document. With backup, you can recover files that are accidentally deleted.

Also, we can help you store documents in the cloud. This method makes it easier to share files with your co-workers. It also means that you can access your documents from anywhere in the world.

We can also help you sync your computer to the backup solution. This sync will make it easier for your computer to talk to the storage.

For example, your PC gets the updated document automatically when someone saves the file from his laptop. This auto file sync will improve communication between team members.

Types of Backup Solutions

Get started with these ready backup solutions.
IT Outsourcing

PC Backup

Select what you want to backup, and create a backup schedule in seconds.
Computer Maintenance

Server Backup

Conducts full, incremental, differential and scheduled backup for your servers.
IT Support

Backup and Recovery

Automate the backup and have a fast recovery
IT Support

Disaster Recovery

Perform offsite exercise to ensure business continuity.
IT Maintenance

Fast & Stable Storage

Provide centralized storage or backup purpose.
data security solution

Data Security Solution

Do you know that 43 percent of cyber attacks target small business? Though there are many types of hacks they can use, one of the most destructive is a ransomware attack.

This attack occurs when they steal or block important files. To access them again, your company will need to pay them. And there’s no guarantee that you can get back the data. Alternatively, hackers also try to steal valuable personal information from your customers. These attacks can cost your company financially. And make your customers wary about trusting your organization in the future.

Keeping your IT up-to-date is one of the keys to protecting your business from hackers. Another way is to improve your firewall. This improvement will make it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your network.

Also, we can help you secure your emails, which hackers might use to gain access to your network. For example, they might send an email that contains a link or download. When you click these links, the hackers can access your systems.

Finally, our service will help protect you from potential ransomware attacks. Making your company’s cybersecurity secure is the best way to deter hackers. Once your network is safe, you can focus on finding ways to improve your business.

Types of Data Security Solutions

We work with you closely to ensure the success of your business with reliable data security solutions.
IT Outsourcing

Endpoint Protection

One simplified console and protects all your devices.
Computer Maintenance

Business Firewall

Protect from malware attacks hiding in encrypted traffic.
IT Support

Securing Data

Block USB access to your laptop
network solutions

Network Solutions

IT becomes even more important if you have more than one office. You should make it easy for all your locations to communicate with each other. Our services can provide innovative solutions to help you achieve this. For example, we can help you establish a site-to-site link. This setup will allow you to send documents quickly between multiple locations.

Types of Network Solutions

A quick glance at the types of network solutions we have
IT Outsourcing

Site to Site Link

Link up your overseas or branch offices network together.
Computer Maintenance

Secure VPN

Allows you to link back to office resources securely.
IT Support

Enterprise Wireless

Kill all dead spots. Surf internet even at your store room.
server solutions

Server Solutions

We can also help customize the server environment to suit your business. For example, you might want to have on-premises servers for important administrative documents.

Alternatively, cloud storage gives you the flexibility to access data anywhere. Finally, we make sure that your business has a secure, reliable internet connection. Many customers will expect firms to be able to provide an internet password they can use. Once, you’ve got the business running the way you want, and you can focus on getting more customers online.

Types of Server Solutions

Here are the common and practical server solutions that directly work for your business.
IT Outsourcing

Managed Applications

Centralize and control your software
Computer Maintenance

Server Consolidation

Store multiple servers together in one box.

website solutions

Website Solutions

More people now rely on the internet to discover new products and services. With so many websites in your niche, your site needs to stand out to grab the customers attention. However, building a website can be a complex, labour-intensive exercise.

Thankfully, our service makes it easier for you to create a stunning website. We can help you use WordPress to build the site and find a secure way for you to host it.

Also, we can give you multiple analytical tools you can use to evaluate how effective the site is. For example, you might want to measure the amount of traffic you receive or the number of sales you get. This measure allows you to determine the right techniques that will generate sales. Because you’re only using effective methods, you won’t be wasting your company’s money.

digital marketing solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

We can also help you improve your digital marketing. For example, we can use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO makes your website ranks higher, making it easier for your customers to find you.

Learning how to use SEO correctly give you a competitive edge over your competitors. We can also show you more effective ways to generate leads. A lead is someone who might want to purchase your product or service. The more leads you can cultivate, the more sales you can make.

IT solutions company

Why Choose Us as Your Trusted IT Solutions Company?

Reason one

Our continually trained staff can develop and deliver practical turnkey IT solutions that simply work for your business.

Reason two

We provide reliable IT solutions consulting for your business, not just a standard out-of-the-box solution. In contrast, it’s customized to fill all of your requirements.

Reason three

Your company needs strategic IT solutions installed by IT vendors who can get the job completed the first time.

What to Expect When You Engage Us as Your IT Solutions Provider?

Our role as your IT solutions provider and system integrator:

In short, we handle the project needs of your business from concept to installation through support.

Define Your Objective

Make it clear. Preferably sum it up in one sentence.

Site Survey

A quick study on what you have right now.

Provide IT Solution

Specify the hardware & software to meet the project goals.


Install the solutions at your premises.

Post Support

Provide continuous IT maintenance for the one-time setup (optional)

What our customers say

Hear what they say about our IT services

4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

Competitive in cost with very good service

Connectbit managed to provide exactly what we are looking for and more. They are fast in response all our inquiries & comments. On top of that, appreciate Cheefoo and team patience & detailed explanation. They are competitive in cost with very good service.

Frost Kang Sales & Marketing Exec


Overall experience is good. Cheefoo is very helpful and the whole service is sincere. Pricing wise is very competitive!

Nurul Co-founder