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What is IT Support Services?

IT support services refers to services that handle business technical support for various areas like desktop, network, server, storage, cloud, and infrastructure. Depending on your needs, you may choose only one area or the entire area for IT support. With ongoing IT support, you can be assured engineer handles and resolves each IT problem fast.

Main Benefits of IT Support Services

Let your employees do what they are good at

Our guys spend many years in technology education to become really good.


Proactive Support

Unlike traditional break-fix IT support, with the help of our real-time monitoring 24×7 services, we can detect and resolve a potential IT problem before it becomes a big problem. This way saves your business both time and money.


Regular Reports

You will receive a monthly report which indicates your equipment health and the resolutions made for every IT issues. In this way, you are aware of our hard work done behind the scene, while you stay focus on your core business.


Flat Fee with Unlimited Values

Traditional break-fix IT support charges based on the time spent by an engineer, which includes waiting time. With our managed IT services, you no longer have to worry for high cost bill after the repair, as we provide unlimited support for a flat monthly fee.


Fast Response

Should a problem be discovered during monitoring, Connectbit will rectify the condition through remote means first. In the event, remote access support fails to resolve, engineers will be dispatched quickly to your office.


Single Point of Contact

We will liaise with other IT related vendors that work with your company, and you no longer have to manage them. These vendors could be website hosting, cloud email, internet provider and others. We understand the technical jargon, and it’s easier for us to talk to them.


Support Guarantee

Our straightforward service level guarantee gives you complete satisfaction. If you don’t get the service you paid for, you can terminate the contract. It’s as simple as that.

Overview of IT Support Services

Your business is growing and changing. You no longer have the time to sort out the IT issues by yourself.

Or you may have delegated some IT roles to one of your staff, and you realize he is no longer performing on his core responsibilities.

You recognize the need for continual, high quality IT infrastructure support services. To enhance business productivity, you would have to invest in new equipment as well as train your employees on how it works. In order to do this, locate an IT outsource company such that they can provide these needs at a more affordable cost than if you had done everything yourself.

Hiring a Full Time IT Staff?

If your business can’t justify the expense of a full-time IT staff, we provide the perfect solution:

A managed IT support service whereby we manage your entire IT infrastructure, including desktops/laptops, storage, server, and network.

With this IT service, you’ll experience fewer computer problems, lesser frequent issue alert notifications, fewer calls for IT support and decreased downtime.

We understand

Overview of IT Support Services List

Times have changed. Business and technology have to run in parallel to succeed. Maintaining streamlined relationships with your customers also heavily depends on your IT.

Disruptions are common for businesses that don’t focus on their IT ranging from hardware failure and software corruption to external attacks on the system. Things can get worse when an ad-hoc technician can charge you with a high bill. You can’t blame them as they have little information on your IT.

We've been there

The downtime that results from these interruptions is exceedingly annoying for your customers. This outage gives your competitors an opportunity to pull ahead. Moreover, you try to find an instant solution only end up with companies that don’t work with your urgent issues. Even if they finally agree to provide you with their services, you end up with high repair cost due to hourly charges – the guessing game for you is at its peak.

When you take on our IT maintenance and support services plan, we are here to help you with your IT related issues. We always inform you of the progress, so you know at any point what we are working on and how long it will take to get things running again. Here’s a list of our IT services in Singapore.

Section 1

Network Support Services

All your business processes, user and customer touchpoints are connected through your office network. We cannot wait for a problem to take shape with your network before we fix it.

Instead, we take a proactive approach and prevent any intrusions from taking place through proper training, consulting and the implementation of the latest network monitoring.

Our network support services are ready to adapt to the ever-changing technologies and compatibility issues that arise with their emergence.

Section 2

Business Technical Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and business technical support service for your IT infrastructure. Technical problems with a system integration can range from minor to downright critical.

Some complications can cause the entire system to go down while others might only affect an individual workstation. It can get worse when a technical issue leads to poor customer experience with your services and products.

Though there are many IT technical support companies in Singapore, Connectbit is quick to respond to IT issues and ensures the problem is targeted, isolated and resolved before causing any significant harm to your business.

Section 3

Desktop Support

One of the most important parts of IT support services is to have one point of contact as soon as issue surfaces. It does not make business sense to wait for technicians to arrive at your premises for minor tech complications that take place several times a day.

With our IT desktop support work, we solve most of the PC problems fast with our remote tools. Engineers are dispatch onsite to settle stubborn issues.

Section 4

Windows Server Support

Your windows server needs the most care because all your business operations rely on the performance of your servers.

From its maintenance to updating all the necessary software till windows server end of life, and securing the connections against any unauthorized accesses, we can do it all for you.

This maintenance enables you to focus on other core business processes and business expansion.

Section 5

Infrastructure IT Support Services

In the past, you built your email server. Moreover, spent thousands of dollars to secure and provide some redundancy for your IT infrastructure. A high cost is allocated to provide essential business IT functions.

Thanks to cloud solutions, you can have faster yet affordable IT solutions built for your business.

Now, your IT infrastructure is no longer just serving your internal colleagues.


Your IT infrastructure has to serve both your internal colleagues and customers. Your customers are reaching to you through numerous channels, depending on their preferences. More than just email and phone, they want to get in touch with you through other means like chatbot, WhatsApp, Facebook, and social platforms. Customer expectations are much higher, and they want your reply fast.

The services you provide to your customers is dependent on how robust is your IT infrastructure.

As your IT infrastructure becomes hybrid (a combination of on-premises and cloud solutions), IT troubleshooting becomes a massive challenge for many businesses. There are just too many breakpoints. You need a skilled IT support company to isolate, monitor and resolve the issues quickly. So that your business keeps running.

Average business suffers around 14 hours of downtime each year, during which time employees are only able to work at 63% of their usual performance

Survey by CA

What Our Customers Say

Providing IT Maintenance for companies since 2009

Very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns

We would like to express our appreciation of an excellent job done by you and your team for our recent IT full system transfer and upgrade works at our new office.

It was indeed a remarkable performance in terms of service, commitment and workmanship by your team despite the time constraint and frequent changes. We also very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns.”

Philip Francia Quality Control & Assurance Manager

Great service provider we ever have so far

You and your company always give us whatever supports we were required. You are one of the great service provider we ever have so far. Well done and keep it up…

Eunice Chong Accounts

Case Study

We provide IT support services to an international airline of more than 80 staff at various locations. Our IT support not only meets the service level agreement for the past five years and has near 100% customer satisfaction. Besides the technical know-how, our sales and engineers also handle cultural differences with clear communication.


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