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System Integration Methods

IT System Integration Methods

Let’s face it:

The cloud solution is here to stay. All thanks to a blazing fast fiber Internet and cheaper hardware.

If you plan to build your own server at your office, it’s still commonly deployed.

It depends on the IT solutions you want.

On-premise setup is upfront more expensive than a cloud service monthly subscription. But, don’t forget you’ve to factor in IT maintenance cost for both setup as well.

It does not make sense to spend thousands of dollars to build an essential business solution like email.

You can get cheap yet robust and secure email solutions from Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite or even from web hosting provider. If your email user base is in hundreds or requires customization, then it’s cheaper to have your own email server.

On the other hand, there are significant advantages to having your own IT setup over the cloud. After all, your data resides in your office. It’s within your control.

Cloud or On-Premise System Integrations?

Not all cloud services are cheap. If you need a cloud Windows server to house & share an application (eg. accounting, HR), the long term cost can be higher due to extra backup storage and faster bandwidth.
For example,

Typical setup cost for an accounting server to be shared among 3-5 users. Backup is not included.

Option A)
On-premise IT setup (includes hardware, software, labor & 3 years warranty) : $5k to $8k

Option B)
Cloud server (eg. Azure, excluding labor) : $300 per month x 12 months x 3 years = $10,800

Cloud or On-Premise System Integrations
In short, the type of system integration depends on the outcome you want to achieve. We provide a hybrid solution by combining both cloud (eg. Readyspace or Amazon) and on-premise to work effectively.

How does this work?

All you need to do is define your outcome clearly.

And, tell us if you have any preference to keep certain data in your office or move to the cloud. For example, you may want to keep your password details in the office and place quotations in the cloud for your roaming salespersons.

With our solution, you simply access both your private and public clouds simultaneously.

In this way, you enjoy the agility and economic benefits of both clouds with on-premise IT solutions to achieve your outcome. Even if your office internet is down, your business is not entirely affected.

Role of System Integrator

We work together with your new or existing vendors to achieve your business goals. Your vendors specialize in their core solutions. They may not be very well versed in technology. For example, firewall, backup recovery or server virtualization.

Let’s say, an accounting vendor only provides software license and their software installation. Before your vendor can start work, you need a server that meets their software requirements.

This is when you need a skilled & experience network system integrator (SI) company to get the IT infrastructure ready. Before we handover our part to you or your vendor, we’ll do a thorough test on our work first. With a systematic approach, we are able to resolve potential integration issues. Thus, reducing any misunderstanding.

Role of System Integrator

Proven System Integrator Services and Solutions

Here’s our range of proven integrated solutions and services. We also provide IT support after the whole project completes.

File Domain Server

File / Domain Server Design & Installation

Allows you to share files with robust permission.

Application Systems Integration

Application Systems Integration

Allows you to share files with robust permission.

VMware Virtualization

VMware Virtualization

Maximize your server hardware resources with more servers in a box.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services

Setup an identical IT environment to allow business continuity during a disaster.

Infrastructure Upgrading

Infrastructure Upgrading

Improve your IT backend performance so that your applications load faster.

Migration and Replication

Migration and Replication

Move your applications to a new hardware or storage.

Network Design & Deployment

Network Design & Deployment

Improve your network and internet speed, and segment your user access .

Physical & Structure Cabling

Physical & Structure Cabling

Link up all your computers and network devices together.

Firewall Install & Configuration

Firewall Install & Configuration

Stop hacker and virus by securing your internet access.

Internet Load Balancing

Internet Load-Balancing

Provides redunancy when one internet provider fails.

Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity

Link up IT peripherals to Internet with optimal speed.

Site to Site VPN

Site to Site VPN

Link up your branch offices and warehouse together as if they are under the same roof.

Security Infrastructure

Security Infrastructure

Tighten your office security and give minimum permission to function.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Provide IT strategies to keep your business running in case of breakdowns.

MS Exchange Server

MS Exchange Server

Provide robust on-premise email solutions to suit your business functions.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Link up a new cloud or integrate cloud with existing services.

Backup and Recovery

Backup and Recovery

Provide automated backup to allow speedy recovery.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Implement new storage for backup or application.

Consulting Services

Objective Define & IT Solution Research

IT Strategy & Planning

Recommendation & IT Roadmap

IT Support Services

Onsite Technical Support

Server, Workstation & Network Hardware Maintenance

Virus Removal

Data Backup

Enhance WIFI Coverage

System/Network Errors Checking & Resolution

Common Technology Brands

We deliver tested, cost-effective integration for your business. Here’s some technology leaders that we work with.
HP Enterprise

What our customers say

Don’t just believe what we say

(4.6 / 5)

Team is flexible

Connectbit helps us to setup the IT infrastructure for our new office, and has been a good partner since the start of our business. The team is flexible and able to respond quickly to our requests.

Jacqueline Neo , HR Director

Great service provider we ever have so far

You and your company always give us whatever supports we were required. You are one of the great service provider we ever have so far. Well done and keep it up…

Eunice Chong , Accounts

One of the better IT vendors

Connectbit is one of the better IT vendors that we have met.

Siti Awi , Office manager

Very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns

We would like to express our appreciation of an excellent job done by you and your team for our recent IT full system transfer and upgrade works at our new office.

It was indeed a remarkable performance in terms of service, commitment and workmanship by your team despite the time constraint and frequent changes. We also very pleased with your quick response to our IT concerns.”

Philip Francia , Quality Control & Assurance Manager

Very resourceful

Cheefoo is very resourceful and I always ask him for IT advice. His team was in charge of several difficult server migrations and did the projects well. Whenever we need any procurement or new IT requests, we always check with Connectbit.

Mdm Sim , IT

Prompt response

Thank you for your prompt response and usual good cooperation.

Irene Chua , Manager


Thank you Cheefoo and team for all your help and patience on IT matters, especially most of us are not too IT savvy.

Jennifer Woon , Office Manager

System Integrator Tasks

A quick overview when you engage our services


You let us know your specific requirement. We can offer IT solutions as standalone options or as part of an entire project.


We spent lots of time in the planning and design of the whole solution. By doing this, our deployment is short and complete.

Deploy & Managed

Our team of engineers deploy & test the solution. You can opt for our maintenance services to keep the systems running well.

Frequently Asked Questions

View the most frequently asked question to quickly find your answer or ask our presales

What is a System Integrator?
A systems integrator (SI) is a technology skilled company. We combines several computing systems for clients. These systems are hardware, software, networking and storage products from many vendors.
Are you able to manage my other vendors?
If you need us to be the single point of contact, we do charge extra cost for such project management. Because there’s time and effort involved when it comes to planning and coordination. Our sales person will be able to advise you accordingly.
If my other vendor has any issue, can they look for you?
If the issue is due to our setup and within our support period, we can assist.

But, if the issue is not related and requires our IT expertise, there may be extra cost involved.

Do you manage software customization?
No. This is not our area of expertise.
What’s your procedure when it comes to handover your work to the next vendor?
Since you engage your vendor, we prefer to handover our work done to you first. Next, we will run through the scope of work with you via user acceptance test (UAT). When all is well, our work considers done. You can inform your next vendor to carry on their work.
Why do we need maintenance plan as we can always call for adhoc support?
First, we do not do adhoc support. Likewise, many IT providers prefer not to do adhoc support as well. Because such adhoc support is very disruptive to our business and does not value add to your company.

Furthermore, adhoc support base on per hour charges. So, you may end up paying a huge bill for the troubleshooting.

Unlike adhoc support, we have guarantee response time. In fact, your IT problem resolves much faster. Because we already have the essential information on your IT infra. Best of all, you won’t get a heart attack for high bills due to fixed monthly cost.

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