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If you want to break free from your local market, pursue a bigger customer base, and FINALLY start – and grow – an international business…
…Our website translation service is perfect for you.

Yes, your international prospects can always use the free translation tools to view your current website.

But, this may not work to your advantage. We’ll show you why.

Also, you’ll get to see the benefits of having a multilingual website and how we transform your online presence.

Let’s get started.

Why Use Website Translation Services?

You might think that your website is fine the way it is. However, consider the effect you could have if your website is available in every language.

If you have a multilingual website, your reach will expand throughout the globe. This multilingual site means that you can connect with new customers outside of your current circle.

Think about it:

What are the odds that your best customers are all in one place? They’re very slim. It is much more likely that your best customers spread around the world.

Better User Experience

When you widen your website’s languages, you also create a better user experience for those that do not read English. Your audience has to struggle through unfamiliar vocabulary to see your message. With our website localization services, your audience immediately connects with your solutions.

Best part?

Your prospect becomes far more likely to engage as a customer. They also won’t have to rely on poor web-based translators.

How Does a Multilingual Website Boost Up My Business?

Here’s a quick summary

When your website speaks your prospects’ languages, your company wins more customers.

Besides gaining more online traffic, your company gains authority with a worldwide outreach.

You have a winning edge over your local competitors.

How We Transform Your Website

So what is our process? Well, we take a straightforward route to ensure you have the best experience as we bring you from one language to dozens. Here’s a step by step breakdown of our process.






This evaluation is the most crucial step that we take. The technical structure like theme, plugins, menu or e-commerce has to be compatible. We also need to know exactly how you want to do your translation.



If your current website is suitable for translation, we will provide you with a quote. We try to make this as quick and seamless as possible.


Translate Methods

You may provide us with the translations you’d like. Otherwise, we can also make recommendations for the best translator. Once you’ve got your translated language ready, we get to work.



Depending on your website structure, we may need to revamp your website first. After that, we transform your site into a multilingual. When our team completes the job, we also provide continued support on any future translations.

We love to bring massive value to our customers


  • What sets us apart from other professional website translation services is that we are SEO experts.
  • Also, we specialize in WordPress. We can clone any website to WordPress to resolve any incompatibility. This service is also perfect for multilingual e-commerce stores, which tend to be more complicated.
  • We provide post support for a small fee. In other words, you can add or update your website pages without fear of losing your translation continuity.

What Our Customers Say

Providing IT Maintenance for companies since 2009


Thank you Cheefoo and team for all your help and patience on IT matters, especially most of us are not too IT savvy.

Jennifer Woon Office Manager

Team is flexible

Connectbit helps us to setup the IT infrastructure for our new office, and has been a good partner since the start of our business. The team is flexible and able to respond quickly to our requests.

Jacqueline Neo HR Director

Prompt response

Thank you for your prompt response and usual good cooperation.

Irene Chua Manager

Case Study

This Singapore company had an English website. They need to reach out to the Chinese and Indonesian markets. Unfortunately, their website is complex, and it’s challenging to make multilingual.

With our proven method, we were able to clone the website to a WordPress platform. We even manage to resolve some of their teething bugs.

The result was a beautiful localized website. The company is now able to appeal to new markets without fear of being misunderstood.

In fact, with proper SEO structure in place, their traffic shots like a rocket. The increase in traffic is 253%.


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